Uriel Yepez

PURCHASING Commodity Specialist

At the young age of 13, Uriel started working in his parent’s restaurant and began learning how a restaurant operates. He helped his parents manage their restaurant for 11 years before beginning his career at Tapia Brothers in 1997 as an order picker. From his first day with Tapia Brothers, Uriel had one ultimate goal; to work his way up in the company. He did just that. Uriel has been part of the Tapia family for 20 years and has had roles in their warehouse, will-call office, sales department, collections, and transportation department. He currently holds the position as Tapia Brothers’ Commodity Specialist Buyer where he specializes in purchasing products, such as rice, beans, and cheese. Uriel is a key component in Tapia’s purchasing department. His years of dedication and commitment to Tapia Brothers have been essential in allowing them to meet their customer’s product needs.